Elthion - campaign 1

All we have to do is dream

Upon the first night of camping, three of the party members fall into a deep dream.
They find themselves in a beautiful meadow with a willow tree and a babbling brook.
Mr. Peepholes, who has made a guest appearance, frantically climbs a tree and calls for the others to join him. Once they are in the tree, a fire creeps over the mountains and into the valley, and consumes everything, except the tree in which the four have climbed.
After a few hours, the fires die away.
Mr. Peepholes climbs down, puts a stick in the ground and takes some measurements, then heads off in a direction. After a day’s journey camp is made for the night. During the night, a rising cloud of dust seems to be trailing down a distant mountain.
The next morning the cloud of dust seems to be finally getting close to the camp. Mr. Peepholes creates a huge feast out of no where, and forces the others to sit, and wait. When the cloud of dust arrives, there is no one to be seen, until Mr. Peepholes snaps his large ape fingers and suddenly a host of men and a King appear.
The King and Mr. Peepholes have a silent conversation while everyone eats. And then the King and his mean left, and with a snap of his fingers again, they vanish from view, except for the cloud of dust.
After finishing the meal, Mr. Peepholes continues on, perpendicular to the direction of the King and his men.
After a few hours of walking, Mr. Peepholes stops, and begins to speak to the others. He tells them that they are in a dream, and in order to escape they must journey to a large tower in a lower valley, and discover how they became trapped in the dream, and how to escape back to the waking world.



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