Elthion - campaign 1


A young man traveling from distant lands stops for a time in Berryshire Town, and stays at the Ocean View Lodge. After an enjoyable evening he turns in for the night. When we wakes the next morning, an interesting medallion has been placed across his armor. The medallion is gold, with a green emerald on a disk that runs around an etching of two willow trees framing a slain dragon, two slain men and a third man standing tall above the others.
He is sent to the library in the Mayheart Sanctuary and taken deep into the dungeons of the library and shown a map of the world. He is directed to an island of four nations. The map has a circle on each nation, one of which is already filled in with a similar design as the etching on the medallion. The librarian instructs him to place his medallion in the corresponding nation’s circle, and magic happens! An imprint of the etching is left on the map.
The librarian instructs him to join up with a group of adventurers and set off to find the other two medallions and return them with their owners to the Library.



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