Elthion - campaign 1


Journeying through the forest revealed much death, but strange magic that lay dormant in the midst of the death that was flowing along the river.
After taking to the skies, the party arrived at Eva’s temple, only to find the spring’s gurgling froth of muck. Inside Eva’s temple lay two seemingly dead elves, and an alter with a glass bell jar and a very ugly looking heart.
After some time of pondering over the inscriptions on the alter, the party decided to head back to find Grelchug. He was found being attacked by goblins, which were quickly defeated by the party. After explaining to Grelchug the fate of Eva’s Temple, he agreed to go back and perform the sacrifice to save the world. When he arrived at the temple, he touched the elves and they awoke. They then began the rituals and placed Grelchug’s heart in the bell jar. Grelchug was turned into a monument to his purity and sacrifice.

And the return journey began, heading towards the Old Lake Forest.



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