Elthion - campaign 1

Setting Out - Bad Water

The Water supply is poisoned!

Journeying forth out of Berryshire Town, into the Berryshire Plains.
After some time, strange noises are heard, followed by train tracks appearing and then a small clockwork train being ridden by a gnome, and holding several large bags, passes by. After a bit longer the players realize that there is a blood trail along the road that was not there before the Train Man had passed.
After setting up camp for the night, the following of the blood continued, and continued off the road and towards the Taulave Forest.
The next morning there was a sickening odor coming from the water, which was also discolored. A makeshift damn was created to slow the spread of the water through the plains and in the direction of the Old Lake Forest to where the Old Lake Elves lived. It was decided to journey into the forest to discover the source of this contamination.
The forest was silent, animals of all sizes were found dead near the water.
After a few hours the sound of a breaking tree rang through the forest followed by a deep slow voice apologizing to the tree for breaking it.



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