• (Dirty) Barry Deedz

    (Dirty) Barry Deedz

    Barry the half elf Ranger is a bit cynical with absolutly no remorse for what he feels are nesessary actions.
  • Azreal Kaine

    Azreal Kaine

    Earth-fire cleric with a desire to return life to its most primal state. Chaos is fair, unassuming, and unbyist.
  • Lillium Madri

    Lillium Madri

    Child-like halfling rouge who often gets caught for petty theft. She has the best intentions, and acts much more naive than she actually is.
  • Mr. Peepholes

    Mr. Peepholes

    Loyal animal companion to Barry Deedz, Mr. Peepholes is an 8ft. 389lb. gorilla that displays almost human like quality's.
  • Eternal Matthew Clevell

    Eternal Matthew Clevell

    The Eternal Matthew Clevell - Master of the Ocean View Lodge, Master Painter, Vice President of the International Psionics Council