Eternal Matthew Clevell

The Eternal Matthew Clevell - Master of the Ocean View Lodge, Master Painter, Vice President of the International Psionics Council


He is 5’9" and around 160lbs. He often wears a blue suit and robes with gold trim and buttons. When acting in his official capacity as Vice President of the International Psionics Council he adds blue and gold eagle pauldrons.

Being that he is an NPC, I will not include his stats here.


The Eternal Matthew Clevell, so named because he is several hundred years old, though looks only to be around 120 years old (keep in mind calendar differences, he appears to be in his 40’s by real world calendar).
He is the Vice President of the International Psionics Council. He is one of the most powerful psions in the world, known by all, respected by many and loved by those who know him. Though there are a few in the world that would wish him ill, but never has anyone been successful in defeating him in any contest. He rarely kills someone, even an enemy, if he can at all help it, unless his an intelligent creature unless he considers to be a vial creature—orc, orgre, goblins and the like. In his later years he has learned to attempt to give the benefit of the doubt and use diplomacy first, and then debilitate his foe.

Matthew Clevell was born the 6th day of the year 1946 of the Fifth Age, to Michael and Margaret Clevell. He was born in the Ocean View Lodge. Shortly after, his mother was taken capture by a group of orcs and killed. His father, upon hearing this, searched for them, found them, and killed several, but ultimately was killed himself.
Matthew was taken in at the Ocean View Lodge and cared for by an Elan couple that owned the Lodge.
Matthew grew up, learning how to take care of the lodge, and growing a love for painting, all the while believing that this couple was his birth parents. On his 20th birthday, he was told the truth, and given an offer of becoming Elan. He accepted and undertook the transformation.
As he grew he learned how to focus his thoughts to manipulate the world around him. He grew slowly, with more focus on taking care of the Lodge, and his paintings, than anything else. At the age of 60, when he felt he was strong enough, he set out to hunt orcs.
He came home occasionally to seek guidance, and check in. It wasn’t until he was 95 years old that he
returned to find his Elan parents beginning to feel ill.
On Matthew’s 100th birthday the Lodge was signed over to him. Within the next two years his Elan
parents past away.

Matthew continued to take care of the Lodge. He had sections rebuilt, retrofitted, and added. He continued painting, and quickly the Lodge became one of the nicest places for weary travelers to stay. Employees came and left, others stayed and their offspring took over the jobs of their parents. But each employee left the place better than it was, and with more of a legend.

After 70 years, it became apparent that expansion was needed, so a third floor was built with an additional 30 rooms. Through the construction business dwindled, and finances became a problem, and construction was put on hold for several years.
12 years after construction had begun, a powerful cleric by the name of Cergerum Worther traveled through the town and saw the project and the potential it had. He donated enough money to complete the project, and allow for additional upgrades.

The lodge quickly regained popularity again, and a stable was built 8 years later in place of the old cloth store that was next door, but burned down 30 years prior.

Matthew has continued to run the Lodge well, and has a great staff. It houses one of the best bands in the whole country: Jericho Twist and the Hurricanes.

The Lodge runs smooth and quiet in quiet Berryshire Town.

Eternal Matthew Clevell

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