Folding Wagon

This magical wagon can fold up to the size of a spice box


This magical wagon which is pulled by two beasts of burden can fold up to the size of a spice box (8″×5″×4″).
The covered wagon is 8 feet wide and 12 feet long and has 6 feet of clearance inside. It has a high quality suspension system that negates almost all bounce from moderately rough dirt/gravel roads. Inside the wagon are seats which can be repositioned to form beds for four people.
It has some storage cupboards, as well as removable floor panels for additional storage.
It also has a summoning/dismissal stone for the beasts of burden which pull it. Upon activation the beasts return to the wagon or return to the Ocean View Lodge stables.
Even when the wagon is folded, all items retain all properties and are not harmed in any way.


This wagon was presented to the party by Matthew Clevell just before the party set out on their journey. It is a wagon of Matthew’s design, and has unique characteristics.

Folding Wagon

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