Special Sword

this long sword has ancient draconic writings on the blade

weapon (melee)

This special long sword has ancient Draconic writings on the blade. The guard cross has an etching similar to the medallions, but with all three men standing over the slain dragon. A warning was given by Matthew Clevell that no one else may hold the sword, he had previously been greatly injured by just holding it’s handle, and fears that it will hurt anyone who is not the rightful owner of the sword.

The sword has been used on a sparring dummy made from Dragon Heart Stone, the dummy was utterly destroyed. When the sword was used on a glass bell jar or a goblin, it did nothing but flop around like rubber.
Matthew, who was injured when he acquired the sword, never expected anyone else to be able to handle the sword without great injury. However it seems that (Brian’s monk) has the ability to hold the sword without injury.


Discovered by Matthew Clevell in his youth, in an ancient city in another part of the world, he brought it back to be examined, but no one was able to figure out what the writings actually said.
But a book describing a similar artifact spoke of it’s rightful owner arriving in the town of Berryshire when the need would be most great, and there would be no doubt as to who the hero would be.
The sword was taken to Berryshire Town, in the care of Matthew Clevell in the Ocean View Lodge, and placed in a clear safe behind the bar.
Many adventurers admired the sword, but no one was found to be the clear heir of this magical weapon. A few that tried to forge some sort of object that would designate them as the owner attempted to take the sword, but were killed on the spot.

Until one day 538 years after it’s arrival in Berryshire, a traveling adventurer discovered a special medallion in his room one morning. Upon visiting the Mayheart Sanctuary Library Dungeons, it was believed that he might be the heir of the sword. The risk was taken and the sword presented to this traveler. The sword began to glow, and power seemed to move from the sword to it’s new owner.

Special Sword

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